Parc Clematis

Parc Clematis-Contemporary

  • 4 tower blocks designed for the hip trendy and young family
  • “Avant-garde resort living” with vertical lush landscapes, leisure pool and fantastic lifestyles facilities.
  • Distinctive facade featuring monochromatic grey outlook against expanded mesh panel for a contemporary yet timeless architectural look.
  • Block 8B, 8C, 8D, 8E

Thoughtful Consideration In Every Design Decision

Master Bedroom

Parc Clematis-Elegance

  • 3 Tower blocks with a touch of asian culture to the architectural design
  • “Family resort living” with leisure kids’ pool, dining pavilion and other recreational facilities suitable for both the young and young at heart.
  • Earth-toned colour palette and pattern for a subtle yet elegant facade
  • Block 8, 8A, 8F

Living And Dining Area

Master Bedroom


Parc Clematis-Signature

  • 2 Tower blocks with a signature touch of classy refinement
  • “Premium boutique living” with 50M lap pool and lush landscape surroundings.
  • Refined details added to the facade for a subtle yet sophisticated tone.
  • Block 6 and 6A

Living And Dining Area

Master Bedroom


Parc Clematis-Masterpiece

  • Strata Houses: Bungalows and Terraces
  • “Exclusive resort living” with 50M lap Pool, private garden and lush landscape surroundings.
  • Contrasting earth-toned architectural facade to elevate the resort style ambience
  • 6 Bunglaows & 12 Terraces

6 Bungalows