Bedroom TypeUnit Size (sqft)No. Of UnitsStarting From
1 Bedroom452 to 710 sqft204$809,000
2 Bedroom689 to 893 sqft 355$1,045,000
2-bedroom Dual Key670 to 861 sqft 46$1,180,000
2-bedroom Study742.7 sqft 44$1,183,000
3-bedroom861 to 1076 sqft267$1,317,000
3-bedroom Dual Key969 to 1216 sqft46$1,569,000
3-bedroom Premium1044 to 1259 sqft 180$1,639,000
4-bedroom1238 to 1475 sqft 46$1,968,000
4-bedroom Premium1292 to 1744 sqft 157$2,001,000
5-bedroom1636 to 1970 sqft28$2,618,000
5-bedroom Premium1712 to 1981 sqft 69$2,608,000
Penthouse1991 to 2670 sqft 8$3,117,000
Terrace2659 sqft 8$2,756,888
Corner Terrace3466 sqft4$3,518,888
Bungalow3832 sqft6$3,931,888

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